The Fuel and Energy Research Forum

Bringing together all those with interests in fuel and energy research

Welcome to The Fuel and Energy Research Forum.

The Fuel and Energy Research Forum has been created to bring together all those with interests in fuel and energy research, particularly fossil fuel, biomass and waste and to promote and integrate these interests in the UK and worldwide. These research areas are, once again, a hot topic, where these carbon-fuels are recognised worldwide as an essential component of the energy mix required for modern life styles. They provide a widely-distributed, secure and reliable source of energy that is relatively easy to obtain. Clean carbon-fuel technology is the order of the day, with particular attention being paid to carbon capture and storage in view of global warming and carbon dioxide emissions from carbon based usage.

It is in the context of the challenges associated with carbon-fuel utilisation in the UK and worldwide that the Fuel and Energy Research Forum has been formed to act as a focal point for these challenges, providing a means of communication between industry, universities and policy-makers. 

Our technical interest groups organise meetings on a wide variety of current issues throughout the year. We hold an annual meeting to report on the activities of the Forum and provide an update on current policies and funding opportunities, and our biennial conference, the ECCRIA series of Conferences, has become an established international event. We gather and publicise information through a variety of documents and keep our members informed of carbon-fuel related news through three issues of the Forum Newsletter each year.


Our five main aims are :-

• To promote and co ordinate contact between Academe and Industries.
• To assess and co ordinate resources and needs concerned with fuel and energy utilisation and conversion.
• To provide a Forum for the exchange of information between technology providers and key stakeholders.
• To support the utilisation of carbon-fuels in the UK and worldwide as a secure primary source of energy, and, 
• To promote UK research and expertise on the utilisation of biomass, waste and fossil fuels in the UK and to a worldwide audience.

Our History

We work to achieve these aims by :-

• Contributing to and encouraging the development of national policies for research on fuel and energy.
• Promoting fuel and energy research regarding funding bodies and encouraging and stimulating the submission of proposals on fuel and energy research.
• Recording successful applications for funds for UK fuel and energy research.
• Encouraging the dissemination and exchange of information on fuel and energy research.
• Further developing the co-ordination of fuel and energy research activities through interchange between carbon-fuel research groups and others.
• Publicising the achievements and successes of fuel and energy research in the UK and worldwide.
Interest Groups
  • Carbon Capture and Storage

    Next Generation Carbon Abatement Technologies

  • Fuel Characterisation and Carbonisation

    Technologies for fuel optimisation for power and steel industries

  • Advanced Power Generation and Gasification

    Increasing the efficiency of power generation

  • Fuel and Minerals Engineering

    Technologies and Process Engineering for Fuel and Minerals Extraction

  • Environment

    All aspects of environmental monitoring, remediation and impact assessment from the power industry

  • Biomass and Waste

    Integrating carbon neutral fuels with heat and energy recovery

  • Combustion

    All aspects of combustion science and technology for coal, fossil fuels and waste materials

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